Sunday, October 4, 2009

A very peaceful and blessed Sunday morning!

(above pic is a new park near our residence, a very nice one!)
Yes, it's Sunday morning once again! I just love Sundays! i entered this blog about past 3 early dawn,this is my favorite time of the day, so serene , peaceful and I could do a lot in these hours hubby is at work, my son is very sound asleep and I have my TFC on while doing this entry hehehe, happy me...But this is me, simple things make me happy already. Let us be happy and grateful , may it be big or small for as long as in our hearts there is that so called magical feeling, it's happiness!.
A lot has been going in the world right now, tsunamis, floods, landslides, quakes, typhoons, and seeing all the victims in the tv suffering, it really squeezes my heart, thus even in our small ways we can be of help specially to our native land.A simple gesture of generosity creates a sense of happiness in us and to the victims brings relief to them already even in our small ways.We have all the reasons to be happy and grateful for what we are enjoying at present. May we all realize that everyday is an opportunity to enjoy Gods creation! Have a blessed Sunday to all!

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