Wednesday, December 16, 2009


(Above pic is one of the tower rides in one of the places we went last summer,,just trying retrieve some pics to fit in with this blog entry)

I can't help but feel so sad about a news that we received last night. Although my hubby told me to just never mind but it really has a painful effect on me. I just wonder some people whom you considered friends, close at that, surprisingly find ways and means to silently compete with whatever plans we have and with whatever we have and even tried find ways and means just to prove that they are far more better than us and always compare themselves to us..I mean why does it have to be us? I just find it very funny because we are just simple individuals, with simple dreams, and don't even have the luxuries in life because we have other priorities and other things to be happy about more than material things, its our family and back home in PI."MAKAPUNGOT BA PALANDUNGON NGA WE ARE SO OPEN TO THEM ON SO MANY THINGS, UNYA KAMI RA DIAY ILAHANG GEBALI. ANOTHER LESSON ON MY PART NGA UNGUARDED RAKO KAAYO. NAKAHILAK KO SA KAPUNGOT, MASKI PAHIBAW NAMO NGA NAAY NAHITABO NGA UG BUOT HUNAHUNAON, MAHIBAW POD MI BISAG GAMAY PARA MAKATUGUN POD MI.UG DILI MI MAKONTAK PHONE, MU LEAVE UG MESSAGE OR SENDAN MI LETTER , WALA ,SO MEANING WALA MI TRATOHA UG UG TAW. siguro alien mi .HEHHE..MUKATAWA NALANG KO BISAG SAKIT SA DUGHAN. INGON AKO HUBBY, 'POBRE MANGUD TA PARTS"..AW NGANO MAN DIAY POBRE, DILI BA DIAY TA TAW..SAUNA BITAW MUSABOT TA NILA NGA DILI SILA PATANDOG KAY NAAY GE ASIKASO, WALABA DIAY TAY RIGHT MAGPAHATAG UG RESPETO SA ATOANG KAUGALINGONG DECISYON. .

So sorry for this entry, its just that, pahungaw lang ko bah, maayo ning sa sulat ipahungaw para dili ko highbloodon. ako rapod matiguwang ani. hehe..I better SIGH AND NEVER MIND THEM ..We still have other things to consider and to be happy about. Thank you Lord for giving me patience and self control...I am not a confrontational person. Usually I just cry it out,but really sometimes, lessons learned in a very painful way....

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