Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31, 2009....

(took the above pics on our way home from san fran trip, took the 101 freeway, appreciating the beauty of countryside and seaside)

Barely 4 hours more then another year 2010 to welcome and embrace! Year 2009 is a better year for the whole family whatever aspects it may involve. A lot of plans redefined, a lot of realizations and conclusions were met and some merely changed for the better. . God knows my inmost thoughts and wishes not just for my own but for my family and back home in PI. I firmly believe that He knows the desires of our hearts, and I know i have to be patient and strenghthened my faith, always asking His guidance and forgiving heart. Thank you Lord for slowly granting our wishes as a family. As I always say everyday in one of my personal prayer, LORD TEACH ME TO BE PATIENT , TEACH ME TO WAIT, IF OUR PURPOSE IS TO BE OF HELP TO THOSE IN NEED, HELP US TO MAKE THAT PURPOSE BE REALIZED AS PLANNED. THANK YOU LORD FOR A GREAT YEAR!THANK YOU MAMA MARY FOR ALL THE UNDERSTANDING.

For people who are victims of tragedies and calamities, hold on to your faith and as you leave the past behind, try to embrace the hope that 2010 will bring to each one.

Thank you 2009!

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