Thursday, July 23, 2009


It's been days that i wasn't able to write an entry about what happened for the last several days . Well, I happened to find a very comfortable time tonight to share what happend last father's day 09. The above pictures showed the preparations of our son as his surprise to his papa, (while papa is at work) .. As I was observing him while he was making HIS THING , i kept on making a guess what he was up to. . I thought that maybe it was a big card because he really likes making his own card for us.He kept on telling me JUST WAIT FOR THE FINISHED PRODUCT MAMA ..well well then, i waited.. To my surprise, it was a crown fit for a king!..He is really a very artistic boy when it comes to making things on his own. So proud of you son!......And his papa liked the crown so much. hehehe(no choice heheh)

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