Monday, June 1, 2009

A mother's prayer

I am writing this entry early dawn while checking out my son sleeping soundly. As I was looking at him, Wow! time flies so fast that he is almost a teenager. I am made to realize that my husband and I made the right the decision to sacrifice something especially on my part for our son's supervised growth. It's all worth it..My prayer everyday is for our son to grow as a man of values, that God will always lead him to make right decisions in life since in the future he will be manning his own family, that all the teachings, values we instilled and continue to instill in him will be used by him as he would be tackling life, that he will be able to view and do things according to his belief based on what we want him to be. We know for a fact that the world that we grew up with is very much different with the world he will be facing soon but what is more important is for him to apply all the things he knew in life and of what he experienced in life living with us. That Mama Mary will guide him always and embraced him from harm.Amen...

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