Saturday, May 2, 2009


It was a childhood dream to visit this place, now made into a reality!......This was our first visit to universal studios after a three year stay here in US...heheh! This was the right time, as a gift to our son as a consistent honor roll awardee and at the same time gratifying oneself for hard days work. The three of us were very excited just like kids. And to our excitement we just wore slippers! heheh! It was the idea of our son and when we arrived at the parking lot, we just removed our rubber shoes and off we went with our slippers. hehe!...While walking and viewing the place, my hubby and I hoped that someday we could bring our family here(Philippines) and share these moments with them.Hopefully, Someday!(sigh)
Our son had a blast! One memorable ride was the jurrasic ride! Oh my goodness I swear to myself, it was all charge to experience and i will never take that ride again!
Anyway, the day went so fast and we decided to be back on another day since we have an annual pass...(discounted in a very big discount from work!)We thank God for the opportunity, for the bonding, for the annual ticket price(grin),,,for the safe travel to universal and back home. Indeed a very nice family day!

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