Sunday, May 3, 2009

What is it in HOLLYWOOD?

When I was a kid probably 6 years old, I asked my mother once out of curiosity perhaps"MA, WHAT IS HOLLYWOOD?..and if I remember it right, my mother answered, "A PLACE WHERE FAMOUS PEOPLE LIVED AND IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR US TO GO THERE.!" AND AT THE BACK OF MY MIND, I TOLD MYSELF, YEAH I WILL JUST READ BOOKS ABOUT IT AND JUST DREAM ABOUT IT....I know that I still have to see for myself other places in hollywood aside from what I saw in our universal visit, but one thing is for sure, DREAMS COULD BE POSSIBLE..Hopefully, at the right time and when things are stable for us here and responsibilities of our parents back home are also stable such as attending to their roles as active Couples For Christ leaders as well as servants of God, we will give them a treat of a lifetime to visit here and other places in the world!...It will come,,in HIS time!

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