Saturday, April 16, 2011


As I uploaded some of our pictures during the spring vacation, my husband and I got so emotional when we watched the pictures of our son....Oh my gosh! he has grown so much that as we scanned and viewed some of his baby pictures, we can't help but felt a quench in our hearts(allow me to be quite corny and senti about this entry)......Yes, thank you son for always making us proud in everything that you do, for making us so happy everyday....for listening everytime we inculcate some reminders and values that we want you to follow...Other people said and asked us why we only have you when it fact you deserve to have a brother and a sister...but even if we gave our reasons, funny is that they felt they know our plans and ourselves more than us... as if they know the responsibilities that we have and the past that we have been through...well anyway let them be,,why will we let them rule our lives anyway, right?they might as well manage their own lives rather than taking notice of everything that we do..that does not bother us anyway,because we know that at this very moment, we have many things to be grateful to God..and these we will always treasure.....And believe that whatever God will bestow on us, we will receive it with open arms because we firmly believe that God knows the desires of our hearts, right?

We would like to thank you for understanding ......And we know that you feel everyday that we are a family.....

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