Wednesday, March 30, 2011


YES,it's been a while that I haven't written an entry to my blog.....A lot of reasons behind it, busy with multitasking and etc etc etc....heheheheh.....Anyway, from time to time, I will try my best to somehow share to you the past events that my family been busy of from the many days of my absence in this blogworld....What surprised me is that I received plenty of emails from readers of my blogs..I promise i will share bits and pieces of everything...You really put a smile on my face 30 minutes ago ...Thanks....I just experienced firsthand the happiness that some bloggers felt when they shared that everytime someone emailed them regarding the blog that they have written, it keeps them alive and an inner feeling of satisfaction, I do....Thank you....
(picture above was recently taken at BIG BEAR,CA during the spring vacation of our son....We were just very lucky because the snow was still so fresh a night before we arrived...our son took this pic and he did a great job!)

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