Saturday, August 14, 2010

Feels good to be home!

Oh Yes! It's been a while that I didn't have an entry to my blogging world!'s because i am still overwhelmed from our vacation in PI for almost a month..Yes, last month of July, we had our most awaited vacation after four years....From the packing of pasalubong,things to bring and all, really made me ngarag(stress)...but because personally i find enjoyment in doing these stuff..tired but excited at the same time...Yes, the three of us were very excited coming home to PI. ,,,Both our families felt the same..Our son kept on asking questions regarding his cousins and etc.. because he was still a little boy when we left for U.S....Surprisingly, even if there were many things to prepare, to update, to communicate to, to schedule bill pay, it seems everything came in unison,,because our excitement overpowered our tiredness....More more updates coming! and more pictures to share of family fun!....Thanks to those who emailed me..Yes, yes,I am back !...I will keep you updated.... For now, let me organize my pictures first..hehe! Love life!

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