Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Birthday To Remember At Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

Going back in time, when this wonderful resort was featured in some travel channels describing the beauty of it, from words of mouth from famous celebrities and foreigners as well, surfing it on a web, there was a feeling deep inside my heart that someday my family will be there . There was an instance that the seminar that was supposed to be held there, was cancelled to another venue, there was no such feeling of "sayang"(could have been), because i want to step my foot on that place with my loved ones. I would like to thank God for giving me and my family the opportunity to spend time with each other, in a very special moment of my life, my birthday. Yes, I spent my birthday in this one place that i wish to stay..Call me a shallow person with shallow happiness , i won't get mad because I am.I just love to be with my family specially in many special moments of my life. Thanks God.
1st and 2nd picture-myself enjoying the beauty of manmade and nature's creation
3rd picture-the whole gang, my immediate family and my husband's family in wacky pose
4th picture-my immediate family
5th picture-my husband's family

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