Saturday, November 13, 2010

So proud of our son!

Earlier this month, we received a letter from the school congratulating us that our son was unanimously chosen by the teachers to be honored by the Rotary Club International, Riverside Chapter as exemplary student. Honestly I cried when I read the letter. Why? because for us, as parents, it's an achievement . Whether other people will not make a big deal of this but IT IS A BIG DEAL FOR US. Because behind all of our son's achivements, are stories of sacrifice and experiences untold. We are proud of you son. Beyond words. beyond explanations, we love you so much!

The awarding and honoring was held at ROTARIAN LUNCHEON SAN DIEGO ROOM, MISSION INN HOTEL, RIVERSIDE,CA...attended by rotarians, guests,principal...There were only 2 awardees that were honored, one from Poly High School and one from Bryant Elementary.It was done after having lunch.He received a certificate, a check, and gift cards.Thank You Bryant Elementary and Rotary International Riverside Chapter for acknowledging our son's hard work. Thank you God and Mama Mary for the blessings.

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