Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our son's simple wish on his birthday

Days and time passed by so quickly that I forgot to write an entry of our son's birthday month..He is already 11 years old and this made me worry so much(well,in a mother's point of view perhaps..hehehe)..In as much as i want him to be our baby forever. Pardon me for being so dramatic about this. I talked about this with my hubby and surprisingly he felt the same. Yes, childish as it seems but maybe that's how parents are..ON the other hand, our boy is so excited to become a teenager. He shares to us his plans, shares to us why he is so excited to become an adult that fast. WE as parents see to it that our line of communication is very open and we are so thankful that he grew up to be the kind of boy that we want him to be. We know that he will still have a long way ahead of him but we constantly reassure him that we are behind him all the way. And with God's blessings we know, he will make it.

Above are photos as we surprised our son a very early morning songs and prayers on his special day.Opening of his gifts as included in his wishlists... Followed with our family day and a simple dinner as we got home... We asked him if he wants a birthday party with his friends in the compound. But all he asked for is that we have to send money to his cousins in the Philippines to celebrate also his birthday there..This, i pray that will always remain in his plans as he goes through life, to always think of his family back home.

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