Saturday, February 27, 2010

Post birthday greeting!

( Above pic is just a stolen shot, no flash at a dinner date nga suway suway, try try lang sa resto,but iba parin ang pinoy.! hehehe)

Due to many things that happened these past few days, I wasn't able to update my blogging world..I missed to enter a special blog for a special person. He celebrated his birthday just recently. It was a sort of a mixed birthday emotions because we had a spat related to the recent blog that I posted. Anyway, we still had a belated birthday celebration and a very memorable at that because our relationship and our family has been blessed with so many unexpected blessings. Making us realize that God allows things to happen to let us realize that amidst the crisis that is happening in this world right now, HE did not give us that feeling of burden and for these we are continually grateful..

Another year of added wisdom and maturity, another year of so much instored experience, another year of so much blessings to share, another year of spending most treasured times with family and more more happy memories to cherish. Be safe always PARTS and do not forget to pray! God bless you more!

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